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Human and Community Development

Ryan E. Galt

Ryan E. Galt

Assistant Professor

Agricultural Sustainability and Society

Interests: People-environment geography, cultural and political ecology, agricultural and environmental governance, political economy of sustainable agriculture, cartographic design
Recent Publications:
Galt, Ryan E. In press. Counting and mapping Community Supported Agriculture in the United States and California: contributions from critical cartography/GIS. ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies.
Galt, Ryan E. 2011. Circulating science, incompletely regulating commodities: governing from a distance in transnational agro-food networks. In Knowing nature: conversations at the intersection of political ecology and science studies, pp. 227-243, edited by Mara J. Goldman, Paul Nadasdy, and Matthew D. Turner. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
Galt, Ryan E. 2010. Scaling up political ecology: the case of illegal pesticides on fresh vegetables imported into the United States, 1996-2006. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 100 (2): 327-55.
Galt, Ryan E. 2009. The personal is political (ecological): some reflections on five days to, in, and from Las Vegas, March, 2009. Human Geography 2 (2): 91-5.
Galt, Ryan E. 2009. Overlap of U.S. FDA residue tests and pesticides used on imported vegetables: empirical findings and policy recommendations. Food Policy 34: 468-476.
Galt, Ryan E. 2009. ‘It just goes to kill Ticos’: national market regulation and the political ecology of farmers’ pesticide use in Costa Rica. Journal of Political Ecology 16: 1-33.
Galt, Ryan E. 2008. Beyond the circle of poison: significant shifts in the global pesticide complex, 1976-2008. Global Environmental Change 18 (4): 786-799.
Galt, Ryan E. 2008. Toward an integrated understanding of pesticide use intensity in Costa Rican vegetable farming. Human Ecology 36 (5):655–77.
Galt, Ryan E. 2008. Pesticides in export and domestic agriculture: reconsidering market orientation and pesticide use in Costa Rica. Geoforum 39 (3): 1378–92.
Galt, Ryan E. 2007. Regulatory risk and farmers’ caution with pesticides in Costa Rica. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 32 (3):377-394.
Zimmerer, Karl S., Ryan E. Galt, and Margaret Buck. 2004. Globalization and multi-spatial trends in the coverage of protected-area conservation (1980-2000). Ambio 33 (8):520-529.
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